Are You A Single Mom Adding A Personal Protection Dog To Your Family? 3 Tips To Help Your Kids Bond With Their New Pet

25 January 2018
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Dogs have long been called man's best friend, yet certain breeds are known for their loyalty and obedience that allows them to serve as an additional measure of protection for women and their families. As a single parent, you may face many different threats to your family's security. Whether you live in a rough part of town or simply worry about what could happen if a break-in occurred while your children are home alone, personal protection dogs, like the ones sold by Command Control Protection Dogs, are an ideal option for giving you peace of mind. As you prepare to bring your new dog home, use these tips to help foster a bond between your kids and the newest addition to the family.

Visit the Dog at Their Training Center

You should always make sure that your dog is trained at a reputable facility that knows how to select the right type of breed and temperament to fit into a family lifestyle. Protection dogs for families are trained to serve as a friendly pets the majority of the time, while always remaining alert for threats that require them to follow the handler's commands. When your dog is near the end of their training, ask to bring your kids for a meeting. During this introductory visit, you and the trainer can observe the interaction to ensure that your dog is the right fit for your family.

Teach Age-Appropriate Commands

Many kids enjoy watching dogs do tricks, and you can include your children in the dog's training. Encourage your children to learn how to provide commands to your new dog such as instructing it to sit or lie down. While your children will likely enjoy the novelty of this new game, it helps to prepare them to provide more important commands as they get older.

Encourage Special Activities

Trained protection dogs that go to families spend most of their time playing the role of a fun-loving pet. Include your children in special activities such as feeding and grooming the dog so that it comes to rely upon them for care. This helps to establish a relationship that is based upon trust. Then, help your kids find a few favorite games to play with your new dog, such as fetch or hikes through the neighborhood. This way, they will begin to view your protection dog as another member of the family.

When it comes to protecting your family, you can never be too safe. While bringing a new dog home usually involves a short adjustment period, you can quicken the process of bonding by including your children in each aspect of your new dog's care and training routine.