How To Get Your Pet Ready For Dog Boarding

28 February 2017
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While dogs are a part of the family, there are some vacations that they just can't go on. It becomes necessary to take your pet to a reputable dog boarding facility for the duration of your trip. Instead of just dropping man's best friend at the kennel the day you plan on leaving town, there are a few things you can do to prepare your pet for boarding so that it isn't a traumatic experience for either of you.

Schedule a Trip to the Vet

The first thing you'll want to do to prepare your dog for the kennel is make an appointment with the pup's veterinarian. The doctor will be able to update any necessary vaccinations so your pet doesn't catch anything while at the dog boarding facility, as well as examine the dog to ensure he is healthy. Check with the kennel at this time to see if they require any documentation from the vet so that you can have it printed out and ready to go. 

Visit the Dog Boarding Facility

Contact the employees at the dog boarding facility to see if they would be willing to allow you to bring your pup for a few visits before the trip. This way your pet has a chance to get used to the place so that he won't feel anxious staying there. It may also be beneficial to pay for the dog to stay for a morning or afternoon a time or two so that he understands you'll be back to pick him up and that you aren't just leaving him. It will also give you a chance to see if your pet bonds with any of the kennel workers. 

Pack Your Dog's Favorite Items

One way to help your dog enjoy his time at the boarding facility is to pack his favorite items. These familiar toys provide comfort when your pup begins to miss you. Don't forget to purchase enough dog food and treats for the kennel to feed your pet as well. You don't want your dog going off of his diet and getting sick while you are away.

Sign Your Pet Up for Socialization Training

If your dog isn't normally around other animals on a regular basis, you'll want to sign him up for some socialization training before heading to the dog boarding facility. Your pet will learn how to properly interact with other dogs so that he can enjoy some outside play time with the other animals at the kennel.