If You Belong To One Of These Groups, You Need Dog-Attack-Prevention Training

31 October 2016
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Dog attacks are among some of the most startling situations that you can face. Not only are you being attacked, but many times the attack can come out of nowhere and even be perpetrated by a dog that was previously friendly. Knowing how to act in ways that prevent dog attacks or that help you fend the dog off if it does attack is important for everyone, but it is essential for people in certain groups. Read More 

The 411 On Pediatric Depression

5 May 2016
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As a parent, you most likely know when your child is showing abnormal emotions and behavior. While these changes may stem from events at home or in school, they may also be signs of an emotional disorder. Considering 2.1 percent of children aged 3 to 17 suffer with depression in the United States, understanding the condition is smart. Using this guide, you will understand the signs and treatment options for pediatric depression and determine the best course of action to improve your child's emotional well-being. Read More 

Tips For Puppy Obedience Training You Can Do At Home

27 January 2016
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Puppies can be a bit of a handful. If not properly trained, they'll turn into a really big handful. You can enroll your puppy in a dog obedience training class, but you'll need to do some obedience at home, too. See below for helpful obedience training tips to help train your puppy.  What You'll Need: Leash Small training treats Treat bag/pouch ​Before You Begin Training Use The Leash. Read More