Serving Up Trouble: Three Sneaky Reasons Why Your Dog’s Eating Habits Are Ruining Your Pet’s Coat

29 April 2015
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Even if you regularly schedule grooming appointments, your dog can still exhibit dry, flaky skin and a dull or patchy coat. You might doubt your groomer's efforts, but think again. Your dog's unhealthy skin and coat are almost assuredly linked to an underlying health condition. Many of these conditions can be attributed to food and nutritional habits. If you and your groomer are concerned about your dog's skin and coat, consider these three food-related issues. Read More 

A Look At The Training Behind A Show Dog: How Are Dogs Prepared?

19 March 2015
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Every year, over two million dogs compete in conformation shows. From the outside looking in, conformation dog shows are a lot to absorb. These events are more than just beauty competitions, however. Before stepping into the ring, a show dog must be trained. What is a Dog Show? In 1884, a group of passionate dog fanciers formed the American Kennel Club, or AKC. The original purpose of the AKC was to create a pedigree registry and uphold the quality of breeding stock. Read More